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08 April 2010

Ready for Michigan!

The PDX band is having another rehearsal tonight. It turns out that I'm singing about half the songs. I'm not really used to that and I'm hoping we can pick up a full-time singer. But until then, I'm a singer. Woot. The last rehearsal didn't go particularly well, mainly because I didn't know I was expected to sing all of these songs and I didn't do particularly well. In addition, the ex-pro hadn't been able to get the lead sheets we sent him, so he was unprepared. Gary came over on Monday night and we worked together with me showing him what guitar parts I played on the different songs and then Gary went over to Jim's house last night to work with him. I've actually sung the songs and have gone over the lyrics, so I think that this rehearsal should go much better.

As for the Midwest trip,the equipment has been shipped and I'm looking forward to getting into Kalamazoo and getting started rehearsing. I'll be flying into Detroit on a Monday morning red-eye, driving up to Troy to pick up a speaker cab, then driving over to Kalamazoo. Then I'll take a nap and start setting up Monday evening so we'll all be ready to go Tuesday morning.

Also, back in PDX, I'm getting things squared away at the day job for the week off. I've finished up the quarterly performance reviews for thirteen people (fourteen counting myself). Of course, when I get back, I have annual reviews for twelve employees to do (again, not to mention my own). Tons o'fun. Life in the big city, huh?

Kalamazoo, here I come!!!

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