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25 May 2010

Easier to read than to blog

Getting ready for the busiest four weeks of my life. Next week, the day job has me visiting six customers in four days crossing the continent from Portland-Denver-Houston-New Jersey-Pennsylvania-Portland. We'll be on a listening tour to let customers how they feel about our quality and to try to gather information so that when we get back we can figure out what to do about it. It's a good thing to listen to your customers. Six of them over four days? Perhaps not so grand an idea. But it's a living. The good news is that I'm going to spend a couple days over the weekend in Atlantic City with my son.

Two weeks later I'm back to Illinois for the last two gigs with my college band. We'll be setting up on Tuesday to rehearse on Wednesday and Thursday for Friday and Saturday performances in the other band members' home town - Abingdon, IL. Since the American Legion Hall only has space for about 100 people (if I recall correctly) and there are a few hundred that want to see us, we might move the last night outdoors. Even so, flying back to IL, etc. is a pain in the butt. It will probably be the last time I play with these guys (unless we do a Labor Day benefit for my brother's campaign - he's running for Circuit Judge), though, so 't'sall good.

This week and week after next, we're rehearsing the local band. We've found a guitar player and a singer, so our final lineup is as follows: Dave Wakeling - Drums, Vocals; Frank Adrian - Bass, Vocals; Gary Weber - Guitar; Phil Koehn - Guitar; Madeline Jaross - Vocals. If all goes as planned, we should have enough material together by the end of July to start playing again. Of course, now is all rehearsal and figuring out which songs to do, etc. We still have to come up with a band name. I'm currently partial to "This, Not This".

So that's life. Too busy, but better than the alternative.